Sunday, November 9, 2008


it's no secret that ryan adams is one of my absolute favorite artists. and i use the word artist in the broadest sense of the word. sometimes i fear the dwindling art of storytelling, but ryan adams always re-instills my faith in its existence and evolution. his newest album with the cardinals is no exception. i feel like every time ryan adams puts out a new album that the first listen is a little scary. it's scary because the whole thing...the lyrics, the music, the all matches (too closely) the current shade of my heart. and that's the magic of ryan adams. how other peoples stories are, in fact, just like our own.

below are some of my favorite verses from his latest album (this is very 2002 livejournal of me, no?!) i didn't include these specific verses because they are particularly relatable to me or any current moods...i chose them simply for their beautiful storytelling and for the eloquence of the words themselves. here goes:
instead of praying i tell god these jokes he must
be tired of himself so much he must be more
than disappointed christmas comes we eat alone
a pretty smile surrounds a pretty girl who
takes your order she yells it and cries alone in
the backroom once in a while until it stops
so let her down if you must
but let her down easy
some of us are strong
but the rest of us are weak
-let us down easy

take a picture of your life for a second now,
freeze it, look at the screen
what parts of you were daydreams,
illusions, and other things
these things they pass in time but the moments
are real and it's hard sometimes
keep the faith, keep moving in time to the music
rolling in your mind,
and when you stay home tonight
it can become your home
-natural ghost

it might be easy to judge all that kindness
if you had grown accustomed
to a darkness in a life
but certainly any room
with a view of other windows
must certainly have doors that you can use
so you can be happy
for the first time in your life
hey man it's your destiny,
you can stop this anytime

and maybe, you'll find someone 
to lay some roots down next to you
be more like the trees and less like the clouds

stop moving around (so much)

ALSO ryan adams wrote a book through a park slope publisher. it's coming out in a few months, which means there may be little ends and pieces to be tidied up. soooo, i'm hoping to see him sneaking around the neighborhood. wouldn't that be grand?


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