Tuesday, October 28, 2008

squash this way

madi and i held our 1st official party this past weekend. i must say, it was kind of a rager!

our incredibly witty facebook invite only attracted a small number of rsvp-ers. so, we were expecting a cozy and intimate gathering. regardless, i still forced madi (and her boyfriend jake) into baking a ridiculous amount of ghoulish treats. well, it was a good thing we did because our apartment was a-hoppin' that night!

meg was our 1st guest because she is such an avid madi and jackie supporter...and  that of smiling pizza, too.

my favorite homemade caramel apple and red velvet cupcake of each batch.

SEE!? it WAS a RAGER!  and this was only one little corner of the room!

ninyo showcasing her crazy carving skills...she did a bad-ass obama pumpkin the next night.

this party was just what madi and i had initially wanted it to be.  it was a good size, but most people there only knew one or two of the other guests. so, everyone was super friendly and meeting new people. most of us are new transplants to the nyc area. as the party dwindled down to a smaller group as the night moved into the wee-hours, we talked about how hard it is to meet new people in nyc. but cupcakes with hot cider in a cozy apartment filled with interesting people on a windy saturday night makes the burden a little bit easier.

and now madi is off doing outward bound for the week with her students. i'm a bit jealous and a bit lonely, but my week has started out nicely enough. plus, i'm lulled by the sound of the rain mixed with the sound of our heaters bubbling into work-mode. it's really lovely.

speaking of sounds, it seems that this blog is starting to show some usefulness! my plea for a david berkeley concert buddy was happily received. madi and meg are now coming, too! sure. sure. i know these are the two people i see and cajole the most, but the invitation is still wide open for you too, my sweet sugar dumpling. it's going to be so much fun.


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