Friday, October 31, 2008

head full of tricks and treats

i've been wanting to post up some pictures of prospect park since i moved here. i could not be more thankful for the park. its energy is constantly changing depending on the time of day, the day it is, the season, and who happens to be enjoying it at any given moment. for instance, during the halloween fair, the "death by scooter brigade," composed of cackling hyenas...I mean 6 year olds...made the park a bit on edge. But nannies with babies and writers with laptops, a mere few hours earlier, turned the park into a sleep-like, lullaby-ish state.

i go "running" in the park everyday ( "running" is in quotations because i probably look more like i'm having a seizure than anything else). the autumn weather has been getting far too beautiful not too share it with you. i brought my camera along on my "run" yesterday...there was kind of a sense of urgency to take these pictures because there was recently a big storm that knocked so much of the foliage about. also, it was raining during this specific run, so i kinda wanted to get the hell outta there (which is so rare a feeling). anyways, here's just a small glimpse of the park:

i pass this after school art class on my way to the park every day. cutest name ever, right? one night i saw them having a "gallery opening" with apple juice in fancy plastic cups and star-shaped p.b. & j sandwiches.

...and there was obviously much to celebrate at the opening...look at this fantastic art!

the lake. this picture doesn't do it any justice. also, sometimes the ducks smell.


crunch. crunch. crunch.

this is my favorite tree in the whole park.

looking up at my favorite tree... favorite tree looking down at me (please excuse my gross look) 

you know i have a thing for roots.

lots of little paths to wander and get lost in.

hope you like it! 

now for a very merry birthday to ms. stomper! she does not have a halloween head, but she does have a cupcake heart...and that is why we are friends. i imagine her new home of portland takes halloween very seriously since it's a town known for the wee ones and craft savvy. i hope your teeth rot tonight, stomp!...but not know what i mean.

i have low expectations for halloween in nyc, though i am very excited because i get to see the newly betrothed lauren and eric. i am going to be a jailbird tonight (only because i couldn't find the perfect green blazer to be daria), so maybe i will steal the pretty little thing on laur's finger? muahaha. my brooklyn hairdresser said he saw someone get shot on halloween last year...he was pretty excited about it...i'm not going out with him tonight.



stomper said...

thank you for the birthday wishes and i'm soooo glad you photographed crunching leaves! it's so glorious. have a good halloween!!

i just love stuff. said...

those are awesome pictures. i, too, have been exploring my neighborhood in fall and it's lovely this time of year for sure. also. i found this quote while poring through my bartlett's and thought of you:

"africa has always walked in my mind proudly upright, an african giant among the other continents, toes well dug into the final ocean of one hemisphere, rising to its full height in the graying skies of the other, head and shoulders broad, square and enduring, making light of the bagful of blue mediterranean slung over its back as it marches patiently through time."

-laurens van der post, "flamingo feather" (1955)