Sunday, September 14, 2008

when i was a young girl i used to drink ale

happy birthday bread butter & jam!

it's hard to believe how fast bread butter & jam is growing up! at this point, i don't really remember why i began blogging, but it truly has become this special outlet in my life. there is something special about having an idea box that is solely yours to vent, hope, and laugh into. thank you for peeking into it every so often, too. it really does mean a lot to me.

i know this is quasi-lame to say, but blogging has actually made me feel so much closer to the people i love. my dad never fails to mention my last post when we are on the phone. brian and kim bought me the cutest pajamas after reading about my budding flannel collection. my friends never fail to torment me about the angst, optimism, awkwardness, and/or frazzledness that always seems to somehow make its way to this here spot. and there is always that random girl from the sorority or acquaintance from high school who mentions it in passing...and that makes me feel connected to my world in such a lovely way.

i know bread butter & jam seems pretty silly and self-indulgent (and let's be honest, it is).  but, i hope you know that what it really is, to me, is a reflection of the people and places that make me who i am. so really, bread butter & jam is a tribute to each and every one of you. i hope you read my words as if they were a love letter...because that is truly what this whole thing is.  i have to let myself be a little proud that i actually send out these love letters to you, and that i have not hidden them along with all the other unsent love letters tucked in a secret pocket of my heart. 

ugh. enough of that. don't i sound so self-righteous? barf. i promise you that was not my intention. and i apologize. i guess, in the end, what i'm trying to say is just that i think bread butter and & jam is fun to do and that i think you're pretty neat, too.

on to my amazing weekend. the madison boys came to nyc to surprise chris for his birthday. it was so wonderful. us nyc transplants spent most of the weekend begging our visitors to move here so that we may have their constant good company. fingers crossed on our plea! and if not, then oh well, and we will at least be happy that we felt their warmth and silliness for their short, but sweet visit.


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roomie said...

found this a while back, think you'll enjoy it. feist knows how to pick songs to cover.