Tuesday, September 16, 2008

straight eye for the queer guy

on friday, meg and i stepped onto the subway to see an eerily attractive man sitting across from us. he was so attractive and he looked vaguely familiar.  i thought he must be famous.

soon enough shy little couples came up to him, asking about his show. a-ha! suspicion confirmed. meg and i unapologetically stared at the strange creature, trying to place him.

at the smith and 9th street stop he stood up and said "hello." i really thought he was about to berate us for staring and whispering about him, right in front of him...but instead he just asked us how much longer until 7th avenue. phew.

meg answered his question, but then continued with, "so, i happened to be eavesdropping on you and those people..."  he didn't even feign shock at this admission, but merely smiled knowingly and said "uh-huh," encouraging meg to ask more.

we spent our last few minutes on the train talking about his taping of the rachel ray show that morning. we also told him that we were meeting buttons because she took an hour detour deep into the heart of brooklyn.  he asked us where she lived. we answered queens. "bless her," was what he said. we parted with goodbyes on the 7th avenue platform. meg and i scurried away, giggling while he was still within earshot.

but really, who the hell is this guy? it had been plaguing me all week.  after a solid hour of internet research, i figured it out: kyan douglas.

you know!...the sexy one from queer eye for the straight guy. ya, he's my new bff. and he is even nicer and prettier in person.

no. bless you, kyan douglas. bless you.

and you!


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