Tuesday, September 2, 2008

i'm the man that loves you

to be honest, i was a bit nervous about this past weekend. i don't have the best relationship with texas, high heels, or events that require me to use stairs in public. but despite these extreme obstacles, love prevailed. brian and kim's wedding weekend was beyond beautiful.

the past 4 days were insanely fun, bright, and overwhelming...but in a wow i love these two people so much kind of overwhelming instead of the i think i'm gonna throw up kind of overwhelming. 

the ceremony was my favorite part. kim truly was the most beautiful person there (brian was a close 2nd).  she didn't look like just some bride, but more like some godly vision coming down from the heavens to bless a lost soul and tell him where his future lays.  and then this gothic music gently pushed her and her father down the aisle. and brian walked down the stairs of the stage to meet them. in slow motion we saw the handing over of kim's heart from one great man in her life to another. and more than anything else, what i felt was pride. i am so proud of my brother and what he has become and of the decisions in life that he has made. and i am proud of the important presence he is in so many people's  lives...from his friends, to our parents, to our brother, to me, and to kim. and i am actually thinking about all of this while i'm standing there among the other bridesmaids. and i taste the tears before i actually realize that i'm crying. i should have expected this. i am the most happy weeper on the planet. one of the groomsmen told me they took bets on which bridesmaid would cry the most...and that the ones that bet on me totally won. of all the happy weepings of my life, though, i must say that this one was the best.

enough of this mooshy gooshy stuff! blah blah blah kim and brian are beautiful people blah blah blah. did i also mention that i took full advantage of the two open bars of the weekend, danced my heart right of my chest, and had a handful of adventures with good, good people? oh no? well, i so totally did.  by the time i stumbled back to brooklyn on monday evening, i was so wiped out that i actually slept from 7:30 p.m. to 8 a.m. straight.  yes, that is kind of embarrassing, but i like you so much i told you anyways.

ah, still glowing from the warm and fuzzies of the weekend.


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chescaleigh said...

oh jackie, you're just lovely. great meeting you this weekend. i had an amazing time