Thursday, September 4, 2008

100 days, 100 nights

happy 100th post! woo hoo. exciting, right? thank you for bearing through all my ramblings...and poking fun at me about it later in the company of strangers. if meg and lauren torment me one more time about my post on the yellowing leaves of autumn then i might...oh humbug...i'd just love them even more.

in other news, facebook (unemployment has driven me to excessive facebook-ing that needs to dwindle away very, very soon) has informed me that the illumination journal's website has been updated. if you haven't read my last story i printed with them, when pigs fly, then you can see it HERE (click it!).

and if you'd like to see the one before that from my sophomore year, south fork, then click HERE.

annnddd if you would like to see all the other amazing work that has been in all of the illumination issues, than you can check out their main website HERE.  be sure to check out libbie allen's photography. libbie was  a roommate in south africa. she took amazing pictures of my favorite place on earth, bulungula. she is an amazing person. i just tried to post up some of her stuff here, but it won't let me. well, i guess that's just more reason to go to the website! libbie is also working in new orleans right now, so think good vibes for her.  all of the writers and artists featured in the journal are so talented. i am very lucky and humbled to have my work among the same pages as them.

well i just created a cozy little evening of reading for you, didn't i? well, go on now!...pour the tea, put on your glasses, get tucked in bed, strategically balance the laptop on your wobbly knees, and read away...



Jojo said...

sweeeeet title sharon jones i would like you to post some photos of you in your purple dress THANKS

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