Saturday, August 2, 2008

we're captive on a carousel of time

the moment my dad and i stepped out of the car, i recognized the smell of the lake immediately. i last took in that smell 4 years ago. the few days up there felt very circle game to me. all the little kids are now teenagers--sleeping on the beach, flirting and playing pranks...just like we used to do back in the day. little callan looks like a man. and he acts like one, too. he asked me if i remember carrying him around as a toddler and teaching him his 1st card game (war). of course i do. what a heart-breaker he's going to be with lines like that.

now that i'm back from the mini-respite of the lake, away from my major-respite of home, i am in the last stretch before heading to new york on tuesday. i'm a little nervous, a lot ready, and very very bored...
...i got so bored this afternoon that i created a poor girl's version of the making it lovely's style sheets. this one is for a possible living room. for each sheet, there is a couch, chair, pillow, lamp, ottoman (i like the purple one best), coffee table, and rug. all the stuff is affordable, especially since everything but the couches are under $30 each. it's all from ikea, urban outfitters, and surprise. surprise.
which style sheet do you like better? i can't decide. 
NOTE: i just did this for fun and out of sheer boredom (and excitement).

oy. madi is going to think i'm some hyper freak between this and all the crazy apartment talk i've been up to lately. yikes! but these lil' set-ups are pretty darn cute, aren't they?


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