Thursday, August 28, 2008


sorry to be absent! things have been...oh what's the word?...not necessarily busy, but just all over the place.

madi is finally here with me in our new place. bit by bit it's actually starting to look like an actual home. there are still a few pictures to hang, a couch to cover, a coffee table and tv stand to get, and some boxes to get rid of...BUT it already is gosh-darn cute. i can't wait for all of you to eventually see it (i hope!).  once i get the right gadgets for my camera, i'll be sure to post up some pictures. i think it's very us.

off to brian and kim's wedding today! wow. after all the hullabaloo it is time for the hullabaloo. i am so excited to see my family and friends. plus, free alcohol and a dance floor never hurt anybody.

talk soon, my loves.


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