Monday, July 21, 2008

this ain't no shake & bake, y'all

after years of super duper cupcake gifts from the lovgrens, i decided it was high time to actually make them some of the damn things. they actually turned out yummy and did NOT taste like meat (ahem nick klein ahem). the recipe was perfect for maren's current mexican hot chocolate obsession. 
i thus present you with (the leftovers of) my scrump-diddily-umptious 
double chocolate surprise cupcakes with mexican hot chocolate frosting!

maybe it was the sugar high of licking the frosting bowl or maybe it was the god complex that comes from simple creation...or maybe it was a combination of both, but i sure did get the itch to keep making schtuff after that. i was finally vamped up enough to make the paintings i've been telling myself to do for weeks now as a belated birthday gifts for roomie. 
here's how her birthday paintings turned out:

i hope she'll like them; though, even if she doesn't, i'm sure she'll still pretend like she does :) 
i wanted to paint something that kind of encapsulates all the memories we had at the annex (on the left), which is where we saw so many great and heart-filling concerts. then i went to the ol' bernie (right).  i love bernie and i would not share him (even a lame picture of him) unless i really cared about the person i was sharing bernie with. and i know that roomie will get that sentiment. i'm quite happy with them, mostly because they come from the heart. i hope they hold up okay on their journey to roomie in north carolina. they are off now in the mail...hopefully not ending up in the hands of a stranger like the journals did!

the painting and baking made for a sweet weekend, but the real frosting on top of the cupcake was randy and lizzy's visit home. the house felt so full and wonderful.  i miss their presence already. i hope everyone's weekend was filled with a similar sweetness!



Buttons said...

wow those cupcakes look good. i doubted you after that christmas cookie incident, but i am very impressed now. wish i could have eaten them!

Jojo said...

mmmmmm chocolate