Friday, July 11, 2008

amber beer to green rivers

after being home from europe for over a week, real life is beginning to settle around me. but i think i'm okay with it.

the rest of munich was really fun and a great way to end our overall journey. there was a football match, some face paint, a lot of aussies, even more pints of beers, and a castle good enough for cinderella.

we headed to oregon the next day after getting back (a bit early since our house had no running water and i had not yet taken a shower...grossss). oregon was SO MUCH FUN. and greatly needed. oregon is full of good coffee, good greens, and good tofu. the lovgren's home is somewhat of a fairytale home to me. i was enchanted by its cozy squirrel decor, its woodsy smell, the horses that come running to you and the apples in your hands, and for the strangers who will call you neighbor even though they don't know where you're from. i have decided that i think i am meant to live near a green river...that is where i seem to always find my strength.

there was also the hellsgate incident. the parents told maren and i that we were going on a boat ride with a company called HELL's gate. i don't know why its name didn't tip us off, but we were under the impression that this was a quaint little ride of a tug boat or something. not so, my friend! maren and i were dressed to the nine's  (if i do say so myself), only to then be completely soaked by the crazy ride. but it was sooo much fun! every time the captain would calmly say "here we goooo" i would get a little excited knot in my stomach before be twirled in a crazy knot on the river. at the end, we were all completely drenched and my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. i was also oh so glad that i had chosen to wear a sheer white blouse that day with a neon yellow bra. way to go, champ.

on a whole, the weekend was relaxing and a good way to ease back into home life.
i am so thankful that a certain ms. sarah gold is in town for the week now, as well. what a sweet treat! though i must say, i feel as though i haven't talked to a million people i care about in such a long time. this includes my home girls, bias (including anna, buttons and meg who i saw like a second ago), noah and friends, and even my ol' bro randy who is getting hitched like whoa.

okay, i'm starting to talk in street slang, which usually is a good indicator that i should sign SIGNING OFF!


alison said...

oh man, jackie shwan! you had me laughing outloud at your boatride story. i hope you took a pic ;)

Anonymous said...

you sooooo sexy

love slu McGoo

allison said...

oh thats so cool that sarah's in town!