Sunday, June 8, 2008

sit down and have some tea

i know i deserve a firm slap on the rump for neglecting this thing, but i do love it. i love it mostly because i love you and it makes me feel connected to you. i promise that i will update on anna, buttons, meg, and my adventures over the next 3 weeks whenever i get near a non-shoty internet connection in eastern europe. so read on, young explorers!

i leave for eurotrip '08 in a few short hours. i've been so excited for this trip for soooo long. and don't get me wrong, i still am, but i'm all of a sudden really nervous, too. this is a big kid trip. it's exhilarating and the adrenaline of it is just starting now to pump into my veins.

today was nice. it was a glorious flea market day! after seeing a darling blue and yellow daisy tea-cup, i decided to start a little collection of dainty, but eclectic, tea-cups. i began and completed my collection in one day as my mom and i found precious tea-cup after precious tea-cup. all of them were super cheap, too! i think i'm going to use them as jewelry holders. i also found the elusive perfect pashmina i've been on the hunt for you. you can expect to see it in every picture of me in europe.

i know with europe excitement, i shouldn't be jaw-dropping over celeb gossip, but oh well because i so am. two great things:
1. mandy moore (how cute is she?) and ryan adams (my kindred spirit of the truest kind) are allegedly dating.
2. whitney port of the hills is said to have her own reality spin-off series set in nyc. i know she's a little dumb, but i think whitney is the classiest lady around these days. so i'm pretty stoked.

ahoy berlin!


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