Saturday, June 14, 2008


hallo!...though we are not in berlin anymore!
berrlin was incredibly fun. annie took the train to berlin on our last day and we had so much fun. her and the the girls meshed just like i knew they would. we spent most of the day snacking and letting ourselves just enjoy the city annie persuaded us into try a currywurst, which ended up being delicious. that night, we went to annie's friend's apartment, which was such an added treat. annie has friends that are just as cool as she are and are just sooo berlin/german cool. it's unexplainable! getting to hang out with annie and her friends was such a special treat and true berliner experience! meg and i followed them to the broken hearts club dance party. i was a little out of my element there, but soo happy to be there among their sailor costumes, funky dancing, and thick curtain of cigarette smoke itching at my eyes and throat.

we almost missed the train to prague! we were at the station a hour and a half early out of pure paranoia, but the train doors open and close in literally about the same time as a subway stop in nyc. after slipping inbetween the closing doors, we found that german trains are clean, sanitary, and very very crammed. we had to push and shove our way to our seats and kick the squatters out of our cushy wonderful seats that then took us to prague with no further problems.

prague is somewhat ridiculous. it is a disneyland of sorts. just like disneyland, there is this instant sense of magic, whimsicality, and unbelievable possibilities. also, it is like disneyland in terms of the overwhelming amount of tourists that i like to complain about in muttering murmurs, even though i am one myself. AND we pretty much have their cameras glued to our eyeballs because everything here is something you want to remember forever.

it's been a pretty cold trip so far, so i've been doing horribly with my wardrobe of summer dresses. in every picture you will see, i will be wearing the same damn, deliciously warm pashmina. i am thinking about giving in and buying the ever popular, frat-tastic shirt that says ''praha drinking team.'' they are everywhere and look so warm for long train rides and rainy days when i don't care about looking like a tourist. thoughts?

we are taking a short hiatus, resting our footsies, at our hostel. the hostel is great in that it is RIGHT in the center of everything. it's such an amazing location. this morning we trekked around the royal castle with an audio guide, crossed all those amazing bridges that kafka seemed so fond of, saw kafka's house, and goggled at amber. now we're off to the jewish quarters for the 2nd half of your day. this city has sensory overload and i'm kind of loving it.

i hope you all are doing well, which i'm sure you are, you fantastic people, you. i'm missing everyone for sure...sometimes my mind wanders to certain people and i'm like ''oh! it has been too long since we talked'' or ''shoot, i of course forgot to call them because i am a bumbling fool.'' i hope you take comfort in the fact that i at least know i am a bumbling fool and that i think of you often.


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