Wednesday, June 18, 2008

pierogarina = pierogi world

we are into our second full day in poland. i go back and forth of my feelings for krakow. at a quick glance, parts of the city look sad and almost like a wwii movie set, rather than the real thing of any sort. but when i take a closer look, the whole city is actually quite charming. and the square is beautiful with the most amazing catholic church in the middle of it all. also, krakow has adopted a friendly dragon as its mascot, which is based off of the folk tale of a dragon that used to devour the sheep and virgins of the town. we went down a scary spiral staircase to get to where this dragon supposedly lived (i, of course, fully believe that he actually DID live, thrive, and breathe there!). the cave was so eerie and kitschy...we loved it!

also, WE LOVE PIEROGI...mmm. so doughy and carb-alicious. all the little kids here kind of look like rollie pollies, which i think is due to the fact that mama makes them lots of potato pancakes, bagels, and pierogis. so, it's probably for the best that we are only here a few days.

yesterday, we went to auschwitz. coming from prague to there in one day is an overwhelming thought.  i think of the jews who lived in such beauty and magic in prague, who in the blink of an eye were taken to this horrible place. i have so much to say about auschwitz, but i know it will not come out the way i want it to in writing, so i will leave my digesting thoughts in my head and in my travel journal.  though, i will say that it was a complicated day and after going there i realized, even more than i knew that i would before, how truly important it was for me to go to auschwitz and have that experience.

miss you all!

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