Sunday, June 29, 2008

the hills are alive....

it has been a busy, busy past 2 days!

yesterday, we went to salzburg with the sole ambition of the sound of music tour. not suprisingly, salzburg was a charm in and of itself! we took in the city for a bit and had a lovely veggie lunch (much needed...i was about to go insane if i saw another pastry or schnitzel) before the tour. our sound of music tour was filled with fanatics of all ages and levels of insanity. the guide topped them all though, with his willy wonka demure. and the true cherry on top were the glorious lakes and mountains and countryside that filled us all with a calm and beauty i had not seen in a long while...or was it music? oh, and did i mention that we all bought the same embarassing austrian straw hat and wore it the whole day to the horror and matched delight of those around us?

now we are fully settled in munich with a tour and beer garden already well under our belts. the english garden here makes central park look like a sand pit. i am obsessed with the beer gardens (though, i must say all i had to comment on my two sips of beer was ''it is bittah!''), rolling grasses, small rivers with even smaller waterfalls for people and ducks to swim together in...and yes, even the painstakingly annoying, yet sweet bicycles that keep almost running over my toes.

tomorrow we think we might take the 2 hour trek out to see the castle cinderella was based on. there will probably be some embarassing pictures taken there, as well...but sorry, no hats.

munich is sooo great (i see madison in it everywhere), but it is only natural to start dreaming of home in the last stretch of travels. my home dreams are filled with comfortable shoes, cold nights, internet that i do not pay for by the euro, fresh vegetables and fruits, and not looking at my backpack for at least two weeks. but alas! i know after a few days of this, i will be dreaming of the english garden, the dragon's dungeon, the east side gallery, sachre torte, and the jumbled memories of ornate synagoges and churches that smell of dust and cold marble. either way, i have it pretty good, no? anyways, i am excited for both my last days here and my days thereafter at good ol' home!


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