Wednesday, June 11, 2008

came at war. left in peace.

hello from berlin!

it has been so easy to fall in love with berlin. our 1st day was so intense and action packed as we went on a loooonnnng walking tour with tom from dublin as our kooky, awkward, and wonderful guide. we then made our trek out to the east side gallery, where we could see a part of the berlin wall that was still up and had graffiti from contemporary artists. everything we have seen is so humbly and tastefully done with beautiful symbolism. berlin works hard to put its dark past in your face, but still manages to ooze an incredibly fun, cultured, and upbeat vibe full of art, punk, and everything else good.

today was more art, which i would write about more if it were not for the time limit left on the internet! but i miss you all, but we are having a fantastic time so far. AND tomorrow i get to spend the day with the beautiful annie! how lucky!

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Jojo said...

ahhhh so good to read your voice! i hope you are all safe and well and loving it. i am so jealous and miss you so much!