Thursday, June 26, 2008

guten tag!

we are in vienna! it is so incredibly beautiful here. the city looks like a sleepy, yawning one, but still there is a sense of the deep cauldron of creativity that is has been brewing her for centuries. though, the city is not as sleepy as i make it out to be. the euro2008 soccer matches are currently (like at this very moment) happening in VIENNA, which has turned the city into, basically, a boink fest, of crazed soccer fans with their team flags wrapped around them like capes and funny skirts. we are hoping germany will win it all, so we can celebrate along with them in munich! right now, we are watching russia and spain duke it out on the television (though it is happening right here in vienna) and the bar is severely roused. our whole time here has felt quite a bit like a madison football morning. so great.

of course there has our fair share of cakes and coffee...and what would our destination be without one of those walking tours we seem to love so much? i would go on, but i have to say i am feeling a bit scattered brain right now, so i guess you will just have to hear me yammer on about it later on in person.

also, i am feeling much better. phew! my dizzies are much less dizzy. my parents and i have self diagnosed it as an ear infection. and so has webmd, which is always correct, right?

oh! oh! also, i have so rudely forgotten to mention that randy and lizzy are ENGAGED! how great is that? i cannot wait to get home and give them a huge hug in person!



Stacey said...

1. glad to hear youre feeling better
2. congrats to randi and lizzie!
3. im so jeal that you guys went on a sound of music tour
4. i hope youre ingesting the soccer and getting excited for both the world cup and the olympics (ahem, august 8th, ahem)
5. i cant wait until you guys are back so we can chit chat
6. if youre stopping in Madrid on the way home also, make sure to get the bocadillo de tortilla espanola
7. i'll give you a German word of the day to prepare you. Nutte = sloo (in Taylor terms in case anyone reading is sensitive to such words). hope it comes in handy!

Stacey said...

i mean randy and lizzy. oops

Anonymous said...

This is a helpful suggestion.. :)