Sunday, June 22, 2008


a hungary hello to you, my friend!

our last days in krakow were actually quite nice. we wandered around the jewish quarter and old town square, had dinner with our two australian mates dave and dallas, danced crazy at some basement bar, and enjoyed being on the zloti for a few precious days before making our way back toward the dreaded euro currency. who knew poland would be so charming?

we have been in budapest for the past 2 and a half days. maybe we are just starting to get tired from traveling for so long, but budapest has kind of been kicking our butts! don't get me wrong, this city is beautiful, but i feel like exploring it might be easier in a car or some sort of guided service. it's a dizzy-ing city, in both a wonderful and confusing way. we have had a string of minor misfortunes from sketchy hostels, me taking my 3rd major spill of the trip (which has left me bruised, scratched-up, and oh-so sore), and a few miscommunications about opening/closing times and directions. but we have also seen some amazing stuff here! the museum "house of terror" was actually so amazing and powerful. i learned a lot of hungarian history that i don't think i had realized was so tangled and interesting. also, i mean, budapest is huge and rich in i cannot really complain that much!

tomorrow, we are planning a day at the baths and a short train ride trip out to a wine town. then off to bratislava. buttons is very excited to be manifest destiny-ing back to more western europe after that!

ahh! the computer is yelling at me that my time is about up! write soon!

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Stacey said...

i love reading your blogs, it helps me picture all of you there. it sounds like youve had some adventures and misadventures, and im so excited to hear about all of them. enjoy your last week in eastern europe, have an amazing time, and eat all of the peirogies you can!