Tuesday, May 27, 2008

how my heart behaves

i'm an official alumna, but SHHhhh...please don't tell my heart yet. somehow, i've been able to fool my heart into believing it is only summer vacation for now, and not the beginning of something entirely new and unknown (which is really fantastic, but my heart doesn't know that yet either!). one day the damn of ignorance will break and i will try to remember to welcome the heart ache.

my last week in madison was lovely-sad. did i do/eat/see/smell everything i wanted to? of course not, silly! but still, in its own way, it was perfect.

we started my last night at crave as a tip of the hat to freshman year. we then danced our little souls thin at the state bar. i felt alive and good with my best friends. of course we ended the night at the one and only plaza. leaving didn't feel right, but it felt okay. i blew a kiss to my favorite bartender as i left. he returned it and somehow everything just came to fit in that moment. something deep inside my gut tells me i'm not done with madison. madison is in my future. maybe my gut tells my brain this just for comfort. i'll take it.

my first few days at home have been suburban at best. not that that's bad. it's good for my time of respite. i'm not a stressful person, but i am perpetually frazzled...amy pointed this out to me as i got dizzy looking for pink-plastic martini glasses for the bachelorette party. i couldn't agree more. but c'mon. you know you love it. it's part of my charm :)
ta-da! found 'em!



alison said...

reading this makes me smile :)

Jojo said...

reading this makes me sad because you're absent. i am currently living in 102 until my departure. poop.

Anya said...

sounds perfect