Monday, May 12, 2008

"a complicated specific truth" -miranda july

"it still counts, even though it happened when he was unconscious. it counts doubly because the conscious mind often makes mistakes, falls for the wrong person. but down there in the well, where there is no light and only thousand-year-old water, a man has no reason to make mistakes. god says do it and you do it. love her and so it is so."
-1st lines of miranda july's no one belongs her more than you.

miranda july. what a quirky, gentle creature. her art has a weird charm. it will give you a stomach ache or stick to your ribs like mama bear's porridge. either way, her art will fill you.

i think what really makes her so great is that she's one of those artists who inspires others to create. wow. have you seen learning to love you more? you should! sooo sweet.

oh! oh! 1 more thing! sometimes july's stuff can be a little too weird for me (like her performance piece a shape called horse. wtf?) but her podcast at berkeley on itunes really got to me. her stuff is kind of out there, but she is really down-to-earth. i think that's neat.


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Anya said...

you truly are an amazing writer and i absolutely cannot wait to see you so very soon