Monday, May 5, 2008

call me a pisces...

i find the work of jen corace, a rhode island artist, incredibly beautiful and inspiring. here are some of my favorites of hers (they all come from the same series):

once again, i fall in love with a human being portrayed as undeniably linked to nature. i love how this really delicate and simple little girl has water bursting out of her. but still her face remains calm, curious, and priceless. the last picture with her coyly stepping out of the ominous black changing room to contemplate entering the ocean is haunting. it reminds me of one's self consciousness, even when the only company is the ocean.
lovely. lovely.

i hope you enjoy them as much as i do!
on another toot, i checked out madison's newest vintage store on state street, epoch (which i like to pronounce "e-pooch" just to be annoying). it's beyond adorable. i totally bonded with the sales girl who just so happened to also be the maker of the cute little button sweater i splurged on. the store screams of ms. hayley lovgren with its alice and wonderland framed prints and gorgeous lacy hats. i love every inch, sound, and smell of madison's newest little haven.
have a lovely start to your week!

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