Thursday, April 24, 2008

things i want

i may or may not or may have most definitely been perusing the world wide web today, which is really dangerous. it's like hyper window shopping.

after an unfortunate and failed betsey johnson incident over winter break, i am left with no sturdy black fashionista bag for everyday use. so, of course, i am well versed on this rare breed of handbag found on ebags. there are two brands, madison (which i love because of its name, obviously) and big buddha (yet another great name!). which of these do you like the best?

i'm kind of feeling the middle one, ja?

onto next order of business: boots. frye boots are the shit. they are really expensive, though, and i feel like i'd feel like i was wearing a whole cow carcass on my feet...oh! oh! wait...i would be. ugh. i've almost talked myself out of liking them now...anyways, lookie here!
bad ass i tell you. majorly bad ass.
and finally, there is this darling lil' number from nordstroms:

i feel like i just get this dress, which is a weird thing to say about some cheap polyester from the juniors department of the mall. it's just so sweet it gives me a toothache! gotta love it.
will i be getting any of these lovely items? most likely not. i already romped a weekend in nyc which cost me a pretty penny. i persuaded my parents into buying me a new pair of tennis shoes and took them for their money paying for things related to my anthropology project. and i am a-savin' for eurotrip (woot woot). and, just to push me over the edge, i accidentally-on-purpose bought some $15 nail polish today. woopsie. it was NAVY, though, and by could i resist?!...i mean i probably could have resisted, but we all have our moments of weakness. i am only human. however, i will not falter with these lovely pieces above because, i mean, a girl's gotta learn self-control at some point...i hope.

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