Monday, April 21, 2008

pandora's box


the weather is so lovely today! it makes me feel as though i am plunging up out into the open after having held my breath for a very long time underneath the water. it's that kind of wonderful, gasping refreshment. i'm adoring it and hoping it will stay.

oh there's so much to say! it's been a full week since i returned from nyc, which turned out to be a really smooth, happy, glowing trip. seeing some friends from south africa was really what i needed. i got to see my old roomate brian, who's possibly the cutest thing alive (he looks like a little american apparel model). and marisa is such a strong, independent woman. she totally makes into the strong female character club. and of course there was annie, who has this magic about her where she makes me feel grounded and, yet at the same time, extremely silly and child-like. seeing them gave me that special something that i didn't even know i needed until i saw them. i came back to madison having this refreshed feeling that came to match the weather here, as well!

also in nyc, i met up with my friend phoebe's (who is laur's best friend from home) sister, serena. serena is an editor. she is AMAZING. she was kind and funny and smart and just wonderful. we had a great lunch and she showed me her office. i really appreciated that she was honest to me about how starting out next year may be difficult and not super glamorous. however, she loves her job. and in the end, that's what i want. i don't want to dread going to work (oh, i'm jinxing myself aren't i?!). anyways, she breathed excitement into me and i hope i see more of her in the future (like seriously, she so cool. i hope we become friends).

vegan update: i made it (minus cheating by one day). i'm kind of disappointed in myself that i decided to not continue with a vegan (or even vegetarian lifestyle), but i'm really glad i committed to those 13 days. it was a good detox for my body and really made me think about what i was putting in my body, which was a really important lesson for me. i've definitely have become a more conscious eater, trying to put (at least a little bit) more quality and earth-friendly food into my body. i've realized that little changes make a big difference to my health and to the simply changing from milk to soy milk in the home, or trying to limit meat consumption to only one meal a day and eating veggies mostly for the rest (thank you michael pollen!)

MONDAY MIX: i've had a renaissance with an old website pandora. it's seriously great. i typed in one of current music favorites, the weepies, and it created a whole radio station made up of similar artists. i put it on this weekend and took an epic nap filled with splendid dreams. and it's got some pretty awesome chicago blues and jazz, too! rock on. check it out.

okay, tomorrow i need to have a serious talk to you all about dandelions.


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