Wednesday, April 23, 2008

oh, to be a dandy lion.


they're full of promise. they're fragile, but they don't break against the wind. they're really soft. you can make wishes off of them. they look like magic bubbles. plus, they're just preeetttty.

there's a lot of pretty dandelion art on etsy, but they won't let me copy the pictures to post them on here. but you can go here to see some of my favorites. they're so fresh and springy.

i could really go for a dandelion right about now. i woke up this morning feeling GREAT with the sun shining...but you know when something or someone can do/say/happen something and it just kind of puts you off and changes your whole outlook on the day? that kind of happened this morning, but it was petty and and already the sun has won me back.

even better news is that the someone/something can just as easily turn a day when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed into a really lovely day at the drop of a hat. i have those all the time (because i wake up most mornings grumpy. na ha ha). there's both kinds of days. that's just the way days go, i suppose.

wishing you a bundle of dandelions
from one dandy lion to another,



Anonymous said...

jackie luskey? grumpy in the morning? whhaaattt?!?!

Maire said...

Well said.