Wednesday, April 30, 2008

not cute as a button

i'm at the library, watching meg make faces at her computer from across the desk from me as she finishes her paper. tomorrow i have 3 papers due and two presentations. oh and then another paper due on friday. life is goooood. i'm strangely not too stressed, which i think is a good thing.
i'm onto the 2nd one now, which is for my archaeology class. it's weird. at the end of lecture for that class, i literally am like what just happened for the last 75 minutes? because i totally just blacked out for the whole class. it's boring, but somehow i've managed to do pretty well in it so far. though, i must say that i've spent the last 20 minutes figuring out how to make my paper, which is about old world versus new world, focused on contrasting egyptian pyramids to the white house. and then it clicked that i was an idiot. "new world" means like ancient mexico...not like 21st century u.s.a. i can feel you judging me and my incompetency. stop, dear friend.

you know what's more interesting than old vases and eating utensils covered in dust? buttons. yeah. that's right. buttons. i've been seeing them everywhere and i even bought a cute lil' $1 cherry one at this cute new craft store on state street, anthology. they had their button machine out in the open. the wheels in my head started a-turnin' and my thoughts clouded with images of lots of little homemade buttons i could call my own and could give to you because i love you ever so much. so i looked up a button maker machine online, and those little fuckers cost over 200 bucks!no buttons for you! i swear, magic gnomes better make those little contraptions in order for them to cost so much! don't worry, i'll make you something else super sweet (and not baked goods...because we all know that would just turn out to be a complete failure, as well). maybe a lollipop or collage? or maybe just a hug? : )


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