Wednesday, April 9, 2008

if there is no love in the world, we will make a new world & give it heavy walls -foer

it is late and i should most definitely be snuggled into bed by now, but i couldn't resist the urge to sneak on here and leave y'all a little postie-post.

school's been kicking my patootie the last week or so and has made me a tired lady. though, do not worry, it has not been that bad. i'm just busy with papers and such. i keep thinking oh i don't have thaaat much, but then when I actually write down what i need to get done i'm all like holy cow mama bean yowzahs. working hard can still be working good, though, which it is indeed.
now on to the good stuff. hooray! i have been falling in love with multiple blogs lately, becoming an addict for some. and i can't wait to share some of my good finds with you...

there are two artists who i adore, jill bliss of blissen and emily martin of black apple. the two are such different artists, but i love that they both create a beautiful collide between nature and urban life.

aren't they so sweet and whimsical? i like the idea that one might think they're in some concrete jungle, when in reality, they are just part of a snail's back!

emily martin of black apple is the top seller on the site etsy, an ultra-hip crafty online shop. she has two blogs, too, which are fantastic. her first one is inside a black apple, which tracks all her new artwork and business endeavors. her second blog is some girls wander, a kitschy fashion blog that consists basically of her taking pictures of her outfit each morning to demonstrate how funky-cool she is.

here are some of my favorite prints of hers:

i could talk about her art for days, but that would be boring for you and time consuming for me. i will say, though, that i can't help but identify with her work. there's this delicate balance between darkness and humor, freedom and weight, and strength and vulnerability happening. looking at her stuff makes me happy, which is kind of weird because most of the girls she paints look really sad. ain't that the way life works?...i have no idea what i meant by saying that. anywhoo, maybe i'll get a few of my favorites in due time (my will power is only so strong).
ok, i am a sleeply lady. don't tell mom and dad i was up this late. just kidding, i'm pretty sure they're like the only ones who read this thing anyways. i kid. i kid. kinda. hellooooo parentals : )


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Asher said...

Always a wonderful thesis break.

I'll put some love in your world, anyday.

Feel it!

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