Wednesday, March 12, 2008

where you will be able to find me on sundays in the fall

so news of this new flea market (begins april 7th) popped up as a news story on some nyc job website i was on. it's FABULOUS. check it out at it literally sounds like heaven. maybe i can convince my mom to help me move to nyc (fingers crossed) and we can have one of our infamous flea market outings...i just tried to find my 1st published falcon column about us at the flea market, but i failed :(

flea markets are part of my soul. and they remind me of a lot of good memories with people i love. there's something very special about rummaging through junk and weird hand-made knick knacks on a quest for the true treasures.

okay, that was my moment of procrastination. see ya tomorrow, fools.



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