Wednesday, March 26, 2008

pura vida

after many moons, we have returned from the land of coconuts and bananas.

costa rica was absurdly beautiful. we stayed mostly in manuel antonio (southern region near quepos) where the clean beaches are literally running into lush rainforests. we drank high caloric alcoholic drinks while watching monkeys swing from trees. we got "tan." we watched a 2-toed sloth spend 25 min thoughtfully thinking about how to climb a tree. we ate REALLY good (except for a few unfortunate incidents) meals of casado mmmmmm. we snorkled and sailed on a boat with a crew fit for the birdcage. we went up high in the canopies. we frolicked with the butterflies. we read trashy magazines and good books. we went to bed before 10 every night. it was magical.

of course we did have our moments of blunder. there was button's vomiting escapades. noah somehow became even whiter. mege almost killed a starfish. jojo fell in a hole. i was an idiot and sprained my ankle, but at least it turned into lovely shades of lavender and mustard. without these moments, it wouldn't have been the same goodness anyways.

i'll post up some pictures soon when i find the time to steal them (muhahaha).

i was excited to come to madison and my bed, but the weather did not exactly welcome us back. so i've been scowling at the clouds for days, and finally they are beginning to soften as today was particularly beautiful. it wasn't spring, but there was definitely a promise of it.

what is new since i've been back? well.....
-met with my creative writing thesis advisor today and she said my thesis is looking great and i should be proud of myself...that made me feel really good.
-parentals left for israel yesterday. i miss them.
-general freaking out about plans for next year
-lovely return to bleakhouse today with our typical wednesday night pizza party
-test tomorrow. ewwwww
-mege and i decided that we are going to be vegan for one month after we get back from europe this summer...i figure it'll be a good time to do it with all the fresh summer veggies and with a need for a good detox post-traveling/pre-brian and kim's wedding.



Madi said...

love you..

Dad said...

Parentals made it to Israel (sans luggage) and read your blog. Sounds great. We're doing well and once we get some clothes all will be well. Our bags missed the connection and the next flight was two days later.