Friday, March 28, 2008

“I was just myself. I didn't know any other way to be, or any other way to live.”-Bettie Page

so, as many of you already know, this year i have been fostering quite an affinity for rockabilly culture and strong women of that era like Bettie Page. i really love all the pin-up all american women paintings from vargas, george petty, and other artists between the 1940s and 1950s. I just think their work is such an emblem of the changing attitudes for women, sexuality, power, and art during that time. even though the women are sexualized, there is also something fiercely independent about them. i love that.

one of my favorite motifs i've seen from pin-up-girl-esque art is that of the busy female with her panties around her ankles. i's kind of weird. BUT i think it's soooo interesting. i mean WHY does this image reappear again and again in pin-up girl paintings? what is so enticing about this image and about the idea of these women?

i think i appreciate these images so much because i identify with them in a modern sense. i mean, i want to be independent, but feminine. but at the same time, i can't help being clumsy and a mess and terribly awkward. so ta-da! there it is...i AM that girl, in a metaphorical sense of course, with my panties falling down to my ankles at the wrong time. i struggle to find myself along with my car keys, but there's a delightful madness to it all. i can't help but smile when i find myself in these little unfortunate moments all the time and think to myself well it seems as though my panties are at my ankles again! but no worries! do you think i let my panties get in a twist? no sir! because i know that it doesn't really matter. in the end i still am happy with myself, realize i am who i am, get my shit done, and am pretty darn fabulous.

now that we're on the subject of sassy girls with undies at their ankles and also of me just being a general (but wonderful) mess, i want to tell you about something that somehow seems related in my mind. you see, on one of the job websites i frequent i found a job listing that sounds very interesting. it's a writing job for the makeup company, benefit, and the position calls for writing charming little stories for all of their products all day long. i realize this job may not end world hunger, or fulfill my desire to publish my own work or help others publish their own; however, it does sound undeniably fun, fresh, and creative. i can't help but at least be a little curious about it. also, it's in san francisco, which i have to say is not my 1st choice for next year because i have a certain good gut feeling about nyc. even though this job isn't really what or where i had in mind, i am going to go ahead and send in an application. i mean...why not?! it'd feel great to get some more resumes out there, make myself feel proactive, and possibly even give myself some options if i was lucky enough to be considered for the position. anyways, i'd love your thoughts on this?

i hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing, non-panties dropping on the bus/elevator/getting groceries/etc/etc kind of weekend : )


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Anya said...

it's interesting how art can symbolize such a plethora of ideas for people...whil art frahm's pin-ups portray this aura of independence and beauty for you...i have always felt that they depict this male fantasy...that the women are helpless...stuck in a societal norm of having to perform "their given tasks" such as buying groceries and cheesecake..and then with their panties around their not only do women serve as the domestic role...they also satisfy men's cravings...just a thought....regardless, the drawings are beautiful and funny and interesting...i can understand why you like them.

in addition, your costa blog was wonderful...and looking through all the pictures made me miss you guys even more....p.s. i would love to join you and meg on your diet...however, it would only work if we all had eachother for support...therefore, meaning we would all have to be in madison this summer :)