Sunday, March 30, 2008

dislike vegetarians...hate vegans

today stacey, meg, and i started a two week stint of veganism.

yes you heard me. i am a temporary vegan. meg's copy of skinny bitch quasi-inspired me. so far it's been delicious. we ate vegan at an idian buffet for lunch and then ate a delicious salad and lentils for dinner. yum!
i'm sorry, but even though i've decided to do this dietary experiment, i still think that the authors rory freedman and kim barnouin are kind of insane.

meg is doing it as a stepping stone into a more earth-friendly lifestyle after taking the jump to vegetarian earlier this year. stace is doing it to get healthy and for fun's sake! and me? i've always been curious about veganism. also, the past year i have fully enjoyed meat, but in the past month or so, i feel as though i have abused my choice to eat meat. i mean it's disgusting when i look back on what i've eaten and how i'm so disconnected from it and have no idea how much or really what i am even eating. meg and stacey are hoping to go on longer than the 2 weeks. i'm hoping to give my body a break and to re-evaluate the how's and the why's of my animal-eating lifestyle. who knows, maybe if i feel healthier than i'll stick with it...though i can't imagine not indulging in a cupcake on a special occasion, or fish at a really fresh sushi restaurant, or maybe a trip to delatti with mel j when i'm visiting home (hmm...visiting home...what a funny concept), or the queso in texas. mmm.

i do want to stop my random and prolific consumption of animal products, at least for awhile, and really take a step back from the processed, chemical induced, wtf is this things we call cheese and milk and burgers and buffalo wild wings.

we'll see...maybe i'll turn into a hypocrite and eat a meat lovers pizza tomorrow. but maybe not.


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roomie said...

look into michael pollan's "the omnivore's dilemma." his basic food philosophy is, "eat food. not too much. mostly plants." as long as you know what you're eating, and what you're eating ate, you can eat all kinds of delicious things that are perfectly healthy for you. everything in moderation. also, it never hurts to get your name out there. i say go for it with the sf job.