Monday, March 10, 2008


yes, i've been avoiding you. i'm sorry. and it's a shame really because, as much as i don't want to admit it, i really love you my sweet bread, butter & jam!

i think when i skip out on blogging for over a week, it's safe to say that i'm going a little kooky, getting lost inside my head. you see, i think when i have soo much going on inside the noggin', i get scared that it's all going to come out like ugly vomit onto your computer screen.

but things are good! do not worry my friends! the past few weeks i've just been thinkin' a lot...probably too much. and i've made a few decisions that seem, at least to me, kind of big. but i think i've handled myself as maturely as i know how. i always thought i'd know that i was a grown up when i could just make everything feel right. but now i realize that there is no such thing. this elusive right doesn't exist, and maybe being an adult doesn't really exist either. there will always be someone to find yourself leaning on, something new to learn, something that scares you, a lot of things that you will never know...and maybe the right is when i'm finally just okay with it all not being right. it's not like i'd like it if things were perfect anyways...i hope not at least. how boring that would be!

but i forgot to tell you about so many things that have been happening in the past few weeks that i'm desperate to share with you. here are a few of the wonderful happenings of my life lately:
-a beautiful shabbat dinner hosted by jojo and taylor with a yummy potluck. i made the salad because no one trusted me with anything else, and still nick managed to insult my dish per usuale.
-hip hop roller skating with the girls and eric (he came to visit!)
-ice skating on a frozen pond with stomper and spy and falling A LOT. so beautiful, though
-smacking the shit out of a badass "duo-corn" pinata at bleakhouse
-lots of supa sweet writing time
-working on a super secret mission that is to come soon. shhhhh
-costa rica shopping with grumpy old man noah
-playing a SUPREME wingman lately. boohakahsa!

no monday mix today. tough luck. bam.


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