Wednesday, February 20, 2008

yes we will

yesterday was the wisconsin primary. after a lot of online researching and getting facts straight in my head and going to see obama/hillary/chelsea and finally watching the last debate on you-tube i decided that i still really wanted to vote for john edwards.

but, alas! i did no such thing. the truth is i really like both obama and hillary...and i think it's apparent from previous posts that i, along with a large portion of the nation, just want to feel as though there is change coming. after seeing hillary on tuesday, i decided to vote for her because i didn't just want to vote for rhetoric (though, i don't think that is all obama is...just what he has been advertising himself as). also, before i didn't care so much about health care reform so much as it was reforming in general and that we, as a nation, were in some way starting to move toward universal health care. but i was thinking...i'm pretty sure brian didn't have health care when he was diagnosed with ms. what would have happened if he didn't have the resources he did to help him pay for his medication and diagnosis? there are plenty of people who don't. in some way, i think that is unconstitutional in our modern society. so i voted for hillary clinton...and prouldly so, i might add.

unfortunately, hillary did not win over obama here in wisconsin. but nationally? who knows? we'll have to wait and see. and though i have decided to support hillary, i could easily jump on-board obama's hope change. i mean, who couldn't?

overall, i was just excited to vote. when i got to my polling place and was actually at my booth voting it was kind of emotional. i've just felt so ready for such a long time to fill in the line for a candidate that i could truly believe in...and i feel lucky enough to have seen two names on that ballet that i could feel comfortable doing that for.



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