Tuesday, February 12, 2008

year of hope

i saw chelsea clinton at a q&a on campus yesterday. i was utterly impressed. beforehand, i had pretty much set my mind on obama, but now i'm up in the air...i got a week to figure it out. i feel like i watch the debates on youtube, look at their websites and leave both candidates resources with a feeling of respect, a little bit of confusion, awe, and, most of all, hope. seeing chelsea talk about her mom and hearing obama earlier in the year has just made me so hopeful for change. in the room you can feel the intense energy of people so desperate for change in our country. i am proud to be counted among them. i know i'm not the most political person in the world, but i am proud to be an american (and proud to be a liberal) and i hope that one day soon i can say i'm proud of my government, as well.

goodnight. love!

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