Monday, February 11, 2008

it's cool it's cool to love your family

well hello there old friend! i'm so sorry i haven't written in awhile. sometimes i think i'm silly for having a blog in the 1st place, but then at the same time i think it's sillier when i don't write in it. i mean if one is going to have a blog then one might as well be a blogger. i will try harder in return for your love?!

i realized that i did not write about my weekend in dallas that was 3 weeks ago (my how time flies!). i am so glad that i went to celebrate randy's SUPER SWEET SIXTEEN for his 30th birthday. another way to look at it is we were celebrating his double quinceanera. i cannot believe how many people like randy enough to fly all the way to texas just to play flag football (granted, it was flag football in the dallas cowboys stadium) and to watch a maverick's game (granted, it was against the l.a. lakers). and randy is pretty darn great, but still!... i don't even think i know that many people. there were a lot of vaguely familiar faces from when i was a peanut and randy was actually celebrating his real super sweet sixteen. i felt bad that i couldn't place everyone from my memory, but it was also cool to feel a little bit of the age gap closing in. overall, it was a silly and wonderful and warm and happy and full weekend. yay!

i will save the monday mix for thursday, as that is valentines day and i have no problem with celebrating it every year because it involves the color pink and a reason to unabashedly stuff my face with candy. and if that does not deserve its own music mix than by god i don't know what does.


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