Thursday, February 14, 2008

psycho girls and chocolate

so, this was my valentine's day last year:

it was the 1st, out of what i soon discovered would be many, moment in my time in south africa where i felt totally and completely full of life and right with what i was doing, at least for a second. okay, slap on the face jackie! enough nostalgia.
in the spirit of saint valentine i would like to gift to you my words of wisdom on the subject of courtship. this is especially approrpiate since i have had soo many healthy, long, and successful relationships...cough cough.
so, here's my deal: do what you want in life. and that includes courtship. i don't get games...i mean, i really suck at monopoly. but seriously, if you like someone, why should you try to pretend like you hate them? or why should you then make it look like you are into someone else? call me crazy, but if a guy did that to me than i'd probably sulk for a moment longer than i'd like to admit and try to move on. if you like a guy, a gal, or whatever (i'm not here to judge), than call him or her when you want to. text them. if they text you, text back when you want to...what's this whole i'm gonna wait a couple hours and brew over it because i'm just THAT creepy business?! it' just weird. so cut it out! romance should be comfortable, natural...i saw that as if i am that way in any aspect of my life, which would be a complete joke for me to say. but still...

so that's my advice. but on a wildly opposite stance, i have this other theory and i call it psycho girl theory. i've mentioned my theory to multiple peeps and i have received quite the spectrum of responses to it. my psycho girl theory is that PSYCHO girls get what they want in the lovin' department. also, girls held within my psycho girl theory are often less inhibited, which is actually kind of an admirable characteristic. so.....what if for one week we all let ourselves be PSYCHO girls?! how great/exhilirating/hilarious/scary/weird would that be? i'm talkin' like call a kid 8 billion times and then text him weird, kinky things that don't even make sense. THAN later force yourselves on your choice man, kiss him, and then promptly start to cry your eyes out after parting lips with him...i honestly think i've seen a girl do this and the dude like totally ate it he couldn't get enough. maybe boys are genetically hardwired to like the crazies. i could never actually be quite that uninhibited (or hopefully not crazy enough) to actually fall into my psycho girl theory, but sometimes it's fun to fantasize about how fun it'd be to go total ape shit and have boys just eat it up. and let's not be confused--i don't actually want to be a PSYCHO girl, per se; but rather, i think it'd be interesting to try it out...i do not have any deep desire to call that hottie with da body from my discussion and leave him a message of gibberish about how i'll die if he doesn't love me...nor do i want to vomit/cry/yell/freak out every time i get attention (or don't get attention). all i'm sayin' is that PSHYCHO girls be crazy and the boys be crazy for them and i'm just a little perplexed and curious to see what this whole PSYCHO girl craze is all about. i can see that i have not convinced you and that you now think i'm a total PSYCHO girl. woops..

now that i have sufficiently creeped you out, i would like to present to you, my love,
these songs are not about love, but something that is teasingly and heart-breakingly close to it.
1. "could you be loved" -bob marley (for you shwan)
2. "get it while you can" -janis joplin
3. "you will. you? will. you? will. you? will." -bright eyes
4. "the rule" -ben kweller
5. "this is it" -ryan adams
6. "lovefool" -cardigans (shut up, i still love them)
7. "worthy" -ani difranco
8. "lie to me" -devics
9. "not what you wanted" -black rebel motorcycle club
10. "leisure suite" -feist
11. "such a lovely thing" -devotchka
12. "lover, you should have come over" -jeff buckley
13. "mess you up" -beth boucher
14. "seeing other people" -belle & sebastian
15. "pumpkin soup" -kate nash
16. "innocent kiss" -jump little children
17. "send me you" -the butchies (this'll make you dance SO hard)
18. "lollipop" -mika
19. "i'd rather dance with you" -kings of convienence
20. "because it's not love (but it's still a feeling)" -the pipettes
21. "nothing came out" -the moldy peaches
22. "finer feelings" -spoon
23. "speak slow" -tegan & sara
24. "i'm always in love" -wilco
25. "the dress" -blonde redhead
26. "a mistake" -fiona apple
27. "you oughta know" -alanis morissette (had to end it on an angry one)

so this isn't your typical valentines day mix, but i'd thought it'd be totally ew i'm gonna vomit of me to put up a lovey-dovey mix. and believe me, i have really, really good lovey-dovey mixes, but they're not quite as fun or about splendid confusion like the songs on this mix. enjoy!
hope your valentines day has been filled with bear hugs and butterfly kisses!


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Linn said...

Sounds like "Psycho Girls" at least could turn out to be a good soap opera;)