Monday, February 25, 2008

solid gold....SWEAT

my birthday was filled with so much love and warmth and surprises and silliness and fun and overall goodness that i am just going to have to re-cap it for everyone!

thursday night we brought in my birthday at the midnight at the GIRLTALK concert. the crowd there was so eclectic and GIRLTALK never fails for great music to do the robot to, which is kinda my specialty.
friday was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. i took an incredibly slippery, but beautifully sun-shine-y walk to bleak house where i was welcomed with treats and candy and a duo-corn (double unicorn) pinata full of even more candy (yes, be jealous). we had a yummy lunch at a thai restaurant off of willy street and i said "is that weird?" a few too many times. we also went over how all the interns got our nicknames, which was pretty hilarious. i ate the yummiest butternut squash curry (stop drooling madi!) and was soooo full, but not too full to eat the skittle cupcakes that stomper and spy made for me. ben, alison, stomp, spy, pyro, and chuter are such amazing and wonderful people. i'm so glad i got to truly kick-off my birthday with them. they truly are among the most genuine, kind, and thoughtful people i know. i only hope they know just how great they are.

THEN yet another genuine, kind, and thoughtful being in my life magically appeared at my door...ALISHWAN. al "surprised" me for my birthday. it was only a quasi-surprise on the account that i badgered taylor into spilling that she was coming the night before, so really i wrecked the surprise. whatever, i still freaked when i saw her. alison should, as brendan has noted before, be up for TIMES person of the year on account of her general amazingness. she is so on top of it and is actually the definition of a good friend (good isn't really fair...SPECTACULAR more like). it's funny because after like 5 minutes of her being there, we just kinda fell back into how we are felt like she was just one of the 105/102 girls and i just love that. al also came bearing amazing gifts from both her and madi, which made me miss that little sugar plum fairy soo much.
then came the GOLD PARTY, which was nothing short of a huge success. the roomies did an amazing decoration job and made the yummiest sangria ever (thanks to the parentals for funding that). my roomates really are the most fun girls in all of madison and i do not take that for granted. they are a good time. and beyond being a good time, they are good people. this whole birthday was really just a series of reminders of how blessed i am by the beautiful people in my life.
so here are some clips from the GOLD PARTY, which was not only full of gold bling bling (thank you roomies), cake and goldschalger (thank you taylor), some crazy jams (thank you jojo), sangria (thank you mom, dad, and stace), and a pee on button's bed (thank you andy's drunk friend who is not welcome back to our apartment ever again).
so could this weekend get any better after all this wonderful madness? YOU BETCHA. saturday was a sunroom kind of morning with a long walk aroung campus with alison, followed by the madison derby girls. we went with pyro and stomp and had so much fun. those derby girls are fierce. they have bad-ass moves and costumes and names. if i was a derby girl, my name would be BETTIE PAGE TURNER. good right? i know, thank you :)

also, all the derby teams have "mascots," which are really just insanely cool people who run around screaming while their team is competing. alison (from bleakhouse, not from south africa) is on a team and her team mascot is this guy. his name is snack. snack is sexy with his rotund belly and s&m gear. i love him and found myself chanting "schnnnaaaccck! schnnnnnaaaccccck! schnnaaaacck!" throught the derby bout.

then yet another fun night out.
sunday was saying goodbye to alishwan in the morning (ugh have i mentioned that i love her?!), and a nitty gritty dinner that night, which was super special because they gave me free blue moon beer. yum.
so, i know that was probably boring for you, but i went ahead and just laid out the whole weekend out for you. i did this mostly so i could smugly smile to myself and gloat and giggle at this weekend and how lucky i am.
on to a busy week. but i have the weekend's golden glow to help me get through it.

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