Sunday, January 13, 2008

we put the FUN in FUNGUS

witches butter is my favorite fungus. i found this out about myself today. the santa cruz fungus fair was prittay prittay rad, i must say. there were so many little eccentric kids with a weird love for mushrooms alongside the nerdiest of all nerdy mushroom experts alongside some bad-ass hippies. i felt among the people. and it was good.

we made our own mushroom art in the kid's area. mine had a caption reading "bow down to me" coming from my magnificent amanita fungus.

we ate delicious chantrelle mushroom ravioli and crazy fungus dal.

we learned that pop-eye should've been eating his reishi mushrooms instead of his spinach. mmm...reishi.

we petted my beloved and slimely witches butter fungus until we had to make our sweet parting.

we learned that when it spores!



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