Thursday, January 3, 2008

"So if you are a kid and no one will play with you, stick it out, stay tough, and you'll turn out super-cool!"-moldy peaches

besides it just being a great movie, imagine my delight when i realized the movie juno was packed full with my favorite bands, like the moldy peaches! i've been listening to their awkward lyrics since freshman year of college. i had happy heart pangs every time their music and shaky voices accompanied the scenes in juno all to perfectly. i have always kind've envisioned myself getting married to their song anyone else but you, but now that may be too cliche given that song's placement in juno. i guess they beat me to the punch. beautifully so, too.

if the moldy peaches don't do it for you then (you're insane) there's lots of belle & sebastian, cat power, sonic youth, and kimya dawson (lady of the moldy peaches goin' solo) to give you the ol' warm and fuzzies.



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