Wednesday, January 30, 2008

beards over babies

this is why when i grow up i want to be a dinosaur.

so on wednesdays, i only have an appointment with my thesis advisor, and the rest of the day i'm supposed to be writing until i go to bleakhouse. i really fear that most wednesdays will be like today, though, where i subconciously allow myself to hit the snooze button 3 more times than usual because i don't have a class to immediately get to...and then once i'm up, i write copious (okay, not so copious) amounts of really bad story starts that i get really frustrated about. i really want to produce a complete work in the next few months that feels whole and heavy and like something i can be proud of. i don't know if that's going to happen.

on a brighter note, wednesday signifies the coming of thursday, which may be the best day of the week. thursdays, you see fair fellow or lady, is the night the fair ladies of aberdeen make our epic journey to the magical kingdoms far far away of plaza (where long islands and scruffy men with beards run wild) and ramhead (where german boots come to life under the warm glow of candlelight). ah sweet, sweet thursday.


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Anya said...

as far as your writing goes...i have no worries about the plethora of creativity floating "in and around" your far as i can tell from your are am amazing have this wonderful ability to create simplicity, warmth, logic, and laughter in your writing, and for me....these are all the necessary components to make something will have something matter how long it takes to do will be great and you will be proud...also, i find that rather than waking up in the morning and trying to push story should keep paper and pencils in the bathroom...i find that i'm the most productive on the toilet :)

as for thursdays...i have the fondest memories of thursdays...especially when they were spent with the girls of the aberdeen....please keep those bearded wild men at the plaza entertained...oh, how i miss the plaza...and ramhead...well that speaks for itself...i miss you all dearly...and specifically intrigue me jackie...and i love you for everything that you are...most importantly..i miss you.