Tuesday, January 1, 2008

"be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man" benjamin franklin

happy new year bitches!

santa cruz was a blast. i made a mexian lover out of our waiter at planet fresh because i was the only one who stood up to the challenge of his "special sauce." it was yummy...i still have a stomach ache from it today. then on to silly pre-gaming, dive bars, dancing in the street, and seeing the people from high school who you actually want to see.

for me, the new beginnings and new goals has always been more associated with the start of the school year than with january 1st, which may also be in connection with rosh hoshana. i've actually never done new years resolutions, but i want to this year. with life being so hectic lately, i feel like resolutions may give me some focus and clarity and maybe even something a little kitschy goin on in my world right now. i like the idea of that. i don't like the idea of resolutions being big ol' downers, though. ugh. enough of this year i'm going to lose 212 pounds and finally get over frankie what's-his-name who broke my heart in the 6th grade. cry me a river, man. i want fun, exciting stuff. so here it is....

i know you're only supposed to have one or only a few resolutions, but whatever. call the resolution police on me. i dare you.

  • write more hand written letters
  • be more up-to-date in my "idea book" (it's scraps of articles and pictures that inspire me)
  • finally take up photography
  • drink more water
  • become a better cook, though i think that's like asking a fish to become a giraffe
  • actually stick with one consistent exercise class at the serf rather than randomly popping into different ones all the time
  • be less inhibited in my writing--stop being so afraid of what my pen will put on the page
  • start figuring out what i DO want rather than what i DO NOT want
  • floss everyday :)
  • remember to keep my priorities straight
  • let the little annoying stuff go and hold on tight to the little magnificent stuff of every day
  • re-connect to my love of the outdoors
  • be more green (as in eco-friendly. NOT more greedy, silly!)
  • keep my nails looking more presentable
  • become a hostess with the most-ess
  • be more crafty
  • let myself be excited about the future

so there you have it---my deepest desires and ambitions for 2008.

so every year the girls and i try to figure out a little rhyme for that year. example: 2005: high five! there are others, but they are less appropriate. na ha ha. 2008 had so many possibilities and we haven't really settled on one specific one for the year. any ideas? so much rhymes with "eight!" 2008: hella great/2008: may your period never be late?!/2008: art we shall create!

i can't wait to share the coming year with all of you wonderful people.



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