Monday, January 28, 2008

8 days a week i looooooooove you

why do days tumble by so fast? i feel like the semester is zooming ahead and i'm already running after it with the taste of its dust in my mouth.

i woke up this morning at the completely respectable time of 9am, and have been going pretty much non-stop since. it's funny how there are the things that are pure routine, the things that we need to do (resumes, applications, grocery shopping, general hygiene...), the things that we want to do (bowling, coffee date with a friend, stopping for a moment on a walk home to watch the sunset, go to the gym...), and the things that we really really want to do (get up to date on the scrapbook, write long and lovey-dovey letters to far-away friends, try to cook something that might actually taste good for once...). and then at the end of the day we look back and we've done a small handful of this hodgepodge, which is most likely made up heavily of routine and the things we wanted to do (but not necessarily really really wanted to do) and very few of the things that we actually need to do. but then, somehow things, whatever these things may be, get done in some sense...or at least enough so to keep us from going insane. and somewhere down the line we know we'll have a day full of the need to do's. and then we always know that soon there will be a glorious promise of the glowing day filled with the really really want to's and we'll look back and smile and wonder why we worried so much in the first place.

all in all, today was a good, happy, typical day. now i'm off to go do one of those things i really need to do but have (of course) not done. yikes!


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