Monday, December 17, 2007

when there's nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire

shhhhhhhhh! i'm at the library! oh sweet finals...

i wanted to make sure to include the MONDAY MIX because (i am a tool and) ben at bleak house made the most awesome mix cd that i have been infected by. the last song "your ex-lover is dead" is an acoustic version of its original and it has quite literally been haunting me the last few days. so enjoy!


1. Worm is Green—Love Will Tear Us Apart
2. The Green Mist—Roads and Cars
3. The Butchies—Send Me You
4 M. Ward—Carolina
5. Diefadima Kante—Kara
6. Cat Power—Good Woman
7. Bob Mould—High Fidelity
8. Sugar—Gee Angel
9. Neutral Milk Hotel—In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
10. Psychedelic Furs—Into You Like A Train
11. Emmy Lou Harris—Deeper Well
12. The Replacements—Bastards of Young
13. Jets to Brazil—I Typed for Miles
14. Sleater Kinney—Get Up
15. Jawbreaker—In Sadding Around
16. Stars—Your Ex-Lover is Dead
17. Jack Kerouac—Readings from On the Road

this week is going to blast by, man. i'm excited to go on vacation and see my brothers/friends and all the other wonderful things that winter break entails, but the fact that i'll be away from madison for a whole month truly and honestly makes me sad. i'm going to miss my town and my girls.


coworker said...

papa died while my girl, lady edith, was born
both heads fell like eyes on a crack in the door

roomie said...

that song has been haunting me as of late. it was part of a mix a friend of mine made. so great.