Sunday, December 16, 2007

these socks were made for talking

i don't know why, but my socks tend to have a lifespan of about 3 1/2 weeks. that's a lot of socks to go through in a whole (or HOLE...ha ha get it?!) year. i don't know if i'm an extreme walker or my weird extreme shoes, but my socks just don't cut it. or rather, they DO cut it and i don't want them to.

i don't like when people talk down about feet or think that feet are freak nasty (ahem jo) because i think feet are the most telling part of an individual's body. they enable us to do so much and we rough them up so hard and their scars and bunions (ew yes i know, but yes, bunions) and bubble toes tell stories. i love that. and since feet are the storytellers of our body, maybe socks are the storytellers of our wardrobe.

i really love socks, too, they just don't love me back. i guess i just have socks with a lot on their mind...

oh well! more excuses to go shopping.



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roomie said...

i think hands are so telling. i'm always fascinated when i look at other people's hands, because how often do we really look at a person's hands? probably less than we look at people's bare feet, because feet are goofy lookin'. hands are just sort of taken for granted, but they tell so much about a person and their history.