Monday, December 31, 2007

i'm baaaccckk

cruise was very nicceeee. as one might guess, i'm not so into the "cruise culture," but it was relaxing and with family and warmth and laughs.

kim's little sister jamie is a supreme inquisitor and it's amazing. she just never stops slamming you with (often inappropriate) questions. she took a particular interest in learning everything she could about randy's girlfriend, lizzie. a sample of her interrogations is as follows:

jamie: is lizzie a goofball?
randy: no, i wouldn't call her a goofball. but maybe...
jamie: well, what does she do that's like a goofball?
randy: um, sometimes she'll like tackle me in the apartment to be silly.
jamie. no. that's not goofball.
---brief silence---
jamie: well, does lizzie act like a cartoon character?
randy: i would not say that she acts like a cartoon character, though i've never really thought about it.
jamie: ok. ok. but if i acted like a cartoon character in front of her, would she act like a cartoon character WITH me?!
randy: yes, yes i think she would.
jamie: ok then yes. yes, she is a goofball.

jamie: what's lizzie like? is she crazy?
me: no she's more classy-like.
jamie: am i classy? wait. no. i'm more funky and wild.

that is how it's done, folks.

it's good to be home now. last night the girls came over and we dog-piled on my bed and they played dress up, making fun of my clothes and after they left, i went to bed literally smiling i was so happy to have seen them. noah and his high school buddies are coming this week and mel j and i have a road trip in the works (possibly with noah and his friends) that will make the long break shape up into something perfectly lovely.

i have so much more i want to say, but it's weird and abastract and the girls are here to pick me up for santa cruz new years so i'll save it for later. yikes! be safe tonight everyone.


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