Monday, December 3, 2007

hold on, hold on

my weekend was spectacular. just want to put that out first and foremost.

friday night was a complete and accidental shit show. i realize that my roomates dictate when i will get drunk and when i will not...i have no is all dependent on their choice rationing when they make my drinks for me before we go out. there may have been a wrestling match at the end of the night and our closet door may never be the same because of it. a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to knock anotha bitch out, aight?

saturday i woke up early (still a wee bit tipsy) to finish my paper, but don't worry mom, it totally helped my flow and i got my paper done with time to proof it multiple times and still got it in early. hoorah! i then jetted it off to chicago for brian and kim's engagement party. and yes, this jetting off did occur during the 1st big snow storm of the season. but it was kind of nice because the drive was slow, but pretty and create quite the calming scene to fall asleep to. the party was so classy and so so so fancy. i love all things fancy. i think if you put the word fancy in front of anything it automatically makes that thing more desirable. but i'm not just throwing around the word fancy here. oh no, sir. this shin-dig was just legit fancy and i really appreciated and adored that. i can only imagine that their fancy engagement party was just a precursor to what will surely be a fancy cruise and even fancier bridal showers, which will then lead up to the fanciest of all fancy weddings!

sunday was a little bit more of a down day, and it made me reach a conclusion that i think we all work toward all our lives:

before you can help others, you have to be able to help yourself.


one has to be willing to help himself or herself before you can help then. it's tricky and hard and complicated, especially when it's someone you really care about. but still, it's important to remember.

so, take care.

both alison and madi have sent the most wonderful letters in the last week and i just miss them terribly.

madi sent me the most delightful mix cd, which i can't wait to make, yes you called it, the MONDAY MIX:
1. "never give up" -melissa ferrich
2. "compass rose" -chris pureka
3. "austraila" -the shins
4. "brand new set of wings" -joe purdy
5. "decatur, or, round of applause for your stepmother" -sufan stevens
6. "laughing man" -joe purdy
7. "hold on, hold on" -neko case
8. "one year " -melissa ferrich
9. "it's been a long time" -melissa ferrich
10. "78% h2o" -ani difranco
11. "buildings & bridges" -ani difranco
12. "cross bones style" -cat power
13. "some are love" -des ark
14. "got you" -wilco
15. "ooh la la" -faces
16. "this is him" a.k.a. "hurricane song" -virginia coalition
17. "pata pata" -miriam makeba

some of these songs were already my favorites, but a lot of them were fresh newbies to me and are now new favorites. i can already tell this mix is going to be a big part of winter '08 and i'm pretty stoked about it.

ok, now...really do take care.


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