Wednesday, December 12, 2007


today was the illumination journal release party! it was really nice. my roommate from south africa, libbie, was also in the magazine with her, it was really nice to see her amazing work in there and her pretty lil' face at the event, too.

the journal's being distributed on friday. so, if you live in madison be sure to ch ch check it out then. when the journal gets put up on their website i'll post a link fo sho.

i'm really excited to have a wider audience read When Pigs Fly. i really am curious to hear what people have to say about the art in the magazine itself...i don't really want to talk about the magazine in itself, though. does that make sense? anyways, the other kids poems and stories are spectacular and the artwork is truly breath-taking.

also! they were able to pull off the spectacular feat of not putting my 6th grade email in my bio and my name is printed in full...which makes me feel kind of silly that i acted to immature about it, but i am really happy and grateful that it came out the way it did!

i had a few really wonderful days followed by a few frustrating ones. i'm just ready for the weekend already, i think. i just want to erase this whole week, kind of. i feel like my blog had made me realize that i have been a very negative, frustrated person lately. but doesn't everyone have things to be frustrated about? it's too pretty outside to have so many wasteful worries. i'm going to work on it.
i have some really fun blogs coming up (maybe one in like 5 min if i can't contain myself!?!).

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