Saturday, November 3, 2007

"whatdoyacallit" - helen o'connor

buttons parents are in town and it's amazing.
so far the weekend has consisted of her mother, helen o'connor yelling at us girls about not being "crazy girls," which can really mean a lot of things and i think she means all of them.

-helen talks about her "home" of england a lot in her long island accent...she moved when she was 4.

-helen bought us all jager bombs at 11am at brats. raced us in drinking them. and won. but she cheated. we have a photo to prove that. maybe i'll post it later?

-helen took us to the super market and told us we needed to eat something other than lean pockets.

-helen told us that we're never allowed to have boys over to the apartment.

-helen asked awkard questions to our friends about getting married/jobs with their boyfriends/girlfriends sitting next to them.

-helen o'connor called stacey the jew a muslim and meg the quaker a mormon.

-helen told me an hour long story about how she explained to a rabbi in the doctor's office why priests cannot have sex. and then the rabbi gave her a sacred blessing.

-helen is the funniest, most wonderful, warm mother ever.

in other news: alpha phi formal is tonight. we're planning on coming for an hour, dominating party pics and peacing out.



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jojo said...

ughhhhh where the fuck were party pics???

secondly... it is too bad you were not there for the story about my sistah pat having her foot scrubbed with a toothbrush in a bidet SWEET