Sunday, November 11, 2007


this weekend was so incredibly beautiful in every sense.

of course there was the football game of wisconsin versus michigan which was just amazing. i have to be honest, i was a bit worried about the game, but there was such a spirit at the game and watching my badgers play such a good game was awesome.

i can already feel brian coming up with lame-ass comebacks to make the wolverine's loss seem ok and to put my spectacular school down, but you have to face doesn't matter about the rankings or records or who put what players in...and although this all is true, to me it just matters that wisconsin beat michigan in our game against each other. and that's that. we won. so ha.

i'm not trying to be snooty though! because the game was about so much more than who won! we got really good seats in the 12th row of section P (that's like really, really good) and were among all these crazy badger upper classmen and we all just went wild. when "varsity" played, we all felt it and i had to walk really slowly out of the stadium and kept looking back at the field as we went up the steps...thank you for four amazing years of school spirit and pride. wow. i'm glad i got to spend my last student section game with my bias.

but this wasn't just football weekend either! WISHIGAN WEEKEND WOOT WOOT. all the cape town kids in madison this weekend was so beyond amazing. what made it so great was that even though the same amount of time we spent in south africa has already passed since we came back to the states, it all still seems so close. and even though some of us hadn't seen each other in a long time, nothing had changed. it all felt so normal and easy.

there was a moment friday night at this dance-chic bar by the capital where we looked around and for a second i actually thought i was in cape town. it was trippy. but a lot of the weekend, also, was just hanging out in my apartment talking, which was actually my favorite part. we could all just be. when you share a study abroad experience with some one there is always the fear that the friendship can only exist on its same level within that heightened experience you met each other in, but that was not the case with us. The great group of friends i met in cape town who were my support base are still very real now and it still feels strong and amazing and that same warm and fuzzy feeling now, which i think is such a testament to them just being such dazzling individuals. gosh, i just love them all.

the weekend was overwhelming just in the sheer number of people around and with this constant, delightful buzzing the whole time. asher was the last to leave in the late afternoon today and when i returned to my apartment after dropping him off, my roomates were gone and the silence was a very different kind of overwhelming from this weekend and i couldn't help but feel this really big sadness in my stomach at having everyone be gone. the sensation of missing someone(s) happens so quickly. but i had to smile, too, because already the weekend was settling in my stomach as a heavy, fulfilling memory, as well.

i also got a send out a huge AIR HUG to my roomates for being so accommodating and welcoming and great to the cape town crew this weekend. they put up with the horrible mess and our cackling and long-winded stories. buttons let me sleep (and snore) in her bed. apartment 102 let my rico-suave friend sleep on their couch in his boxers. jo let a million people use our shower (i cleaned it!). gibo put up with our loud morning voices. i'm sure it was so overwhelming and a blur to have all these new people in our home, but it meant a lot to me to have them all together and meet each other because everyone present is such a huge part of my life. i love the mixing of my worlds. there's something exciting and telling about it.

this week should be pretty miserable with papers, but i still have lots to smile about as this excessively long post tells.



KenL said...

Sounds like an unbelievable weekend. I'm glad you were all able to get together and enjoy it. Dad

jojo said...

i shit motion w's

roomie said...

i'm in class right now and we just learned about this. i immediately thought of you. obvs.

Lame-Ass Excuse said...

Whatever. Chad Henne only played half the first quarter and Mike "Heisman" Hart didn't play at all.

Why? They were resting up for the real battle against Ohio State.

Guess who's off to the Rose Bowl once Michigan beats OSU?

Go Blue, bucko!

jkl said...

dear lame ass excuse,
you just sound silly whining on a blog's comment page. you know why michigan lost? because even though our football team isn't as good as yours, our student section is.

i bleed badger red,
NOT a buck-o, but a buck-y!