Monday, November 5, 2007

i think frankenstein just woke up

while sitting in a pool of my own confusion in my new testament class (i have no idea what is ever going on for that hour and a half every tuesday and thursday) i get a text. so i sneakily bring my phone into my lap so i can be reminded of my roll-down-bascom-hill playdate with noah. suhweet. i mean i was wearing a dress and tights and had sillily forgotten about our master plan, but was ever so excited at the new-found prospect of it.

this morning the wind rattling against my window woke me up early and the sky stayed the same color grey all day until it eventually and very quickly turned into just plain ol' dark. when i met noah at the lincoln statue after class a huge grey cloud was moving over the grey sky and we knew we had to roll fast!

and by roll fast i mean i maybe went 20 feet, thought i was going to vomit, held onto the grass for dear life and tried to not vomit, then watched noah do his thing. mastah rollah.

as we ended our rollin' journey we started talkin' about how this is the type of weather where it seems like something major, something scary could happen. noah said like a building blowing up, which i associate more with hot summer blockbuster madness rather than spooky boo ghost AHHH. i said that i thought it was like the start of one of the michael meyers "halloween" movies or with a mad professor tinkering on his very own frankenstein. then the sleet became hard and noah said "i think frankenstein just woke up." indeed he did, my friend, indeed he did.

it's 9p.m. now and the wind is more screaming than rattling now and i lied to myself saying it was too cold to go to the library and that i'd just have to do my work in the apartment. we'll see how that goes...

i could not be more excited about all the friends from my study abroad program that are coming to visit this weekend. it should be great fun. and i really miss those freaks and need to see their beautiful faces in the flesh. muah ha ha. so here are some songs that remind me of them, that they introduced me to, that we danced to, etc:

1. "dusseldorf" -regina spektor
2. "secret heart" -feist
3. "sky blue sky" -wilco
4. "heartbeats" -jose gonzalez (cover)
5. "new south africa" -bela flek
6. "only skin" -joanna newsom
7. "enough to go by" -vienna teng
8. "better" -regina spektor
9. "ode to confusion" -harris tweed
10. "running away" -alan funk
11. "big boss" -the rudimentals
12. "once and never again" -the long blondes
13. "i'm in love with a rastaman" -mahlathin and mahotella queens
14. "love invincible" -spearhead
15. "put your hands up for detroit" -fredde le grand
16. "push the button" -sugababes
17. "free street" -robert davids (poetry)
18. "multiverse" -eli marienthal (poetry)

keep cosy, kiddies!


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alison said...

#16 is the BEST (too bad we won't be rolling down the street in a minibus on a hot saturday afternoon while we jam to it). #11 brings back lovely memories...a spectacular sunday afternoon at kbosch. oh how i miss it! four days, schwan - can you stand it?!