Tuesday, November 13, 2007

cute as a button


today was lauren/connie/buttons/whatever you wanna call her's birthday. last night she went bowling and did edward-40 hands with the boys at west wash. to kick off the celebration of her birth. that would be a really cool, fun event i would write about...if only i had been there.

i've been a bad friend today, too, running from class to bleak house to dinner to the library in frantic mode. hopefully i can make it up to buttons this weekend and help her celebrate her birthday to the absolute fullest.

at college library now working on my christian lit paper. i'm fighting every urge i have to freak out and instead just trying to plow on through. hey, it might be a late night tonight, but tomorrow i'll turn in my paper take a nap start my next paper (oy!) and just keep on going. thanksgiving is something to look forward, too, and i'm really excited for the break that's coming up uber soon!

wow. that was boring. i promise i'll stop being so boring and school obsessed on thursday afternoon, but until then all i can say to that is "poop."

now some haikus about/dedicated to the birthday girl:

"a dirty penis"
her favorite phrase she says
FLAVA-FLAVVVV...butt hole


sunday rituals
on bed of fresh memories
laughter contagious

happy birthday, hott stuff!


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